Skype for Business Enhances iOS Integration

Skype for Business Mac is a great first class experience for Mac users and offers edge-to-edge video and full immersive content sharing and viewing.

Other enhancements to the Skype for Business solution include:

  • The Skype Operations Framework (SOF) assets now help customers plan, deliver and operate the new Mac client.
  • Present PowerPoint files in a meeting and a faster, more reliable content sharing approach.
  • Present in a meeting from your Android or iOS device. On Android, you can also share a file stored on the device itself. Once shared, the PowerPoint file also becomes available in the meeting’s content bin for other participants to download or present.

Skype for Business for Mac will seem very familiar: your photo, presence indicator, and easy to use buttons and icons will make you feel right at home.


With this update, iOS users will now be able to enjoy the features that other users have been integrating into their collaboration and mobility strategies. This allows a more unified platform than any other, as it integrates with all other Office applications as well. Other features include:

  • One-click join: See your schedule for today and tomorrow, preview meeting details, and join right from the Meetings tab.
  • Meeting actions: Easily mute, add participants, IM your colleagues, and share and view the desktop.
  • Contacts: Finding and adding contacts has never been easier. Call, chat, and share your desktop in a snap.
  • Chats: Use instant messaging (IM) to connect with your contacts in real time and on a moment's notice.
  • Chat history: Find a previous conversation and rejoin a conversation at any time.
  • Presence: Let people know that you're available, and also see whether people are offline or online, and whether they're busy, in a meeting, or available.
  • Personal notes: Add a message to your presence status to give people more information about what you're up to.
  • Video: Fullscreen and high-definition video for a better meeting experience.
  • Group video calling: See up to four meeting participants in the meeting window at the same time, with better video quality, smart transitions from presenters and participants, and the ability to share content
  • Calls: Manage all aspects of calling with voice mail, missed calls, call logs, call forwarding, and simultaneous ringing.
  • Accessibility: Improved keyboard navigation, screen reader compatibility, and visual enhancements help make Skype for Business on Mac friendlier for everyone.

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