A leading private university in California and its School of Medicine, functioning primarily as a county-hospital medical school, was embarking on a major transformation to achieve prominence among leading medical schools in the nation. The client was using a SharePoint 2013 solution and wanted Xelleration to perform a full health check on their existing farm. 

Xelleration’s experienced consultants and experts performed an assessment of their SharePoint environment and found several areas that required improvement, including the limited web server space, outdated databases, service applications that were unnecessary or inaccessible, and more.  After a comprehensive assessment, our team presented the client with an extensive list of current issues and potential recommendations to improve their SharePoint environment, including increasing disk space, upgrading critical servers, implementing search indexing, assigning dedicated content databases for each project web apps, among many others.

Leveraging our assessment and professional suggestions, the School of Medicine was able to improve their SharePoint site, resulting in streamlined business processes and a more effective tool for the students and faculty.

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