Our retail client, a luxury apparel and accessories brand renowned for their comfortable silhouettes and high-end fabrics, was experiencing an internal communication breakdown.  The broadly distributed brand, spanning across 40 countries at over 2,400 locations, needed efficient communication with their retail stores in order to optimize their marketing investments and facilitate growth.  Xelleration worked with the client to create a customized Retail Communications portal that simplified and streamlined communication between Corporate Headquarters and the retail stores. 

Instead of distributing documents via email and storing files under individual accounts, Xelleration created a branded SharePoint Online intranet site with dedicated resource pages that allowed different teams to have real-time access to the latest reports, documents, collateral, calendars, directories, and more - all in one centralized location.  These resources were also accessible to new hires, which reduced the level of effort and costly hours that were spent on-boarding high-turnover roles.

Utilizing Xelleration’s Retail Communications solution, campaigns were executed with increased frequency, consistency, and quality, while maintaining the highest return on investments.  Organized processes and ability to track metrics enabled smarter decision-making for future campaigns, leading to customer loyalty and operational efficiency.

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